Down 7 Up 8 Incorporated, a 501(c)3 non-profit was founded in 2016 by Rose Diggs, a single parent who has fostered over 160 children.  By listening to their life’s experiences and heartbreak, and understanding their plight, she decided to do something to help restore the hope and dignity to children. Down 7 UP 8 Incorporated started on the journey of working towards finding and providing homes that would embrace and empower children whose lives had begun with unfortunate circumstances. Along this journey, we’ve embarked on empowering the children by providing outreach that teach the children life skills, social skills and academic advancement. Our “Teach Me How To” Series help to provide life-changing information and experiences that enforce the core values of Responsibility, Respect, Determination and Resilience.



To provide Community Outreach that will enhance and add positive values to lives of Foster/Adopted and At-Risk Children in the community.    Additionally, our enrichment programs such as our Mentorship and Tutoring are to better contribute to academic advancement, social and life skills. 



To create and provide a secure home environment of love and care for children entering the Foster Care System, to help minimize their traumatic experiences, to treat children with dignity by providing an experience that enhances their quality of life, to align each child with mentorships that will elevate their life, as well as, to assist the Department of Family and Children Services during the placement process.



To provide loving homes with a culmination of a process that reduces the amount of trauma Foster Children in State Custody experience, to make available academic advancement opportunities, and to help these children understand that Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.

Different Families of all races – Together!

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