Down 7 Up 8 Incorporated is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation founded in 2016 by Rose

Diggs. Ms. Diggs, as her foster kids affectionately call her, has provided short to medium-
term housing for over 180 children during the last 9 years, including 6 separate sets of

siblings for 2 or more years. Each child’s situation is different, and after learning about
the various hardships and challenged beginnings these children faced, she chose to found
this organization, which seeks to restore hope and dignity to every foster child’s life.



To design, curate, and execute enrichment programs and community outreach to
enhance the lives of fostered, adopted, and at-risk children.




                                                Enrichment Programs

We have developed 3 core programming initiatives designed to empower children,
encourage, and develop their social, life, and academic skills. We host 2 annual events
to support the local community, "Boys to Men,” and “Princess for a Day” which are
specifically designed to celebrate these children and promote self-worth.

We also provide virtual tutoring and mentorship throughout the year via our “Tutoring for
Success” and “Teach Me How To” series. These programs enforce the core values of
responsibility, respect, determination and resilience. It is our goal that through these
programs, we help to provide life-changing information and experiences that help offset
the often challenging life experiences these kids have faced so early in their lives.



                      Down 7 Up 8 Incorporated seeks to:

(1) Create and provide a secure home environment of love and care for children
entering the foster care system.

(2) Help minimize traumatic experiences and treat children with dignity by enhancing
their quality of life.

(3) Align each child with mentors that will elevate their life.

(4) Assist the Department of Family and Children Services during the placement, re-
unification, or family preservation processes.

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