Tutoring For Success


In April 2020, we launched our Virtual Tutoring Program in partnership with Learntobe.org. 


Each student is assigned their own tutor. The Tutors include high school students, college students as well as current and retired professionals.


Tutors meet with their student once a week for an hour.  They work on fundamental reading and math skills. Tutors also help with homework, note taking and study skills.


We currently have over 400 active students in our Summer Season. 

6850 hours of tutoring were recorded since the beginning of May 2020.  During the Spring Season, 2400 tutoring hours were recorded. Not all tutors record their hours, so the numbers are probably higher by at least 30%. 


Here are some other statistics! 


We provide tutoring service to: 

34% foster children 

33% adopted through foster care 

19% biological children 

14% other such as guardianship, kinship, group homes, at-risk 


We have reached over 50 counties in the State of Georgia. 


Our students are 47/53% boys and girls 

74% of these students struggle with math concepts 

53% of these students are below level in reading  

54% have learning disabilities 

48% have IEPs at school 


Currently we have a list of children who have signed up through June 2021 and are being added into the program. Our goal is to provide the service to at least 1000 students by the end of 2021. 

Helping a Student

“I continue to believe that if children are given the necessary tools to succeed, they will succeed beyond their wildest dreams!” 

David Vitter