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Set up Team: 8:30 am -11:00 am - help unload trucks full of dresses, suits and special activity materials and deliver to the proper rooms for set up.  Help set up items in the rooms


Registration Team 9:00am -12:00 pm/3:00-6:00 - sign the attendees in, help with guiding attendees to the correct destination - from 3-6 the registration team would help attendees located the vendor tables, pick up their parting gifts and find their way out of the building.


Hospitality Team 9:00-1:30 pm, 1:30-5:00 pm - Sign in volunteers, set up and manage the volunteer room; there will be small snacks, waters and break area for volunteers 


Super Hero Team 10:00-1:30 and 2:00-5:00 - Volunteers will help manage the attendees and run particular activities in the Super Hero Academy


Girls Wardrobe Team 9:00-1:30 - help girls (ages 4 - 18) choose amazing dresses and accessories; managed the dressing room


Boys Wardrobe Team 9:00-1:30 - Help young men ages (13-18) choose suits and/or business attire, learn to tie ties and find accessories if available


Ballroom Team 11:30-3:30 - Help set up the Ballroom with decorations, table cloths, table decorations, help with food service and maintaining cleanliness during the event, helping children to be involved with the activities in the ballroom, cleanup after 2:30


Content Teams 2:00-5:00 - Set up and maintain rooms where the teens and parents will learn various topics; manage the attendees by helping them know where to go and help presenters with their needs

PFD & BTM-Original-CYMK.jpg
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